FURANO, The famous lavender farms in Hokkaido.

The biggest city in Hokkaido, region of Japan, Sapporo
is a cool city as best to explore the rest of the island.
It’s so easy to go from Sapporo to some of the most interesting area in Hokkaido.
You have to know that, one of the highlight destination is Furano.
One can feel the mountainous feeling in central Hokkaido, Furano.
Even in summer time, you can feel the mild atmosphere there.
It would be an amazing experience. As a famous town in Hokkaido,
Furano proffer a beautiful scenery that indulge your eyes,
especially during the summer time. When lavender blooms,
Furano become the lively town because of
the lavender fields are indeed beautiful.
How can you get there?
You can reach Furano by train in 2 hours from Sapporo station.
Sapporo station provide a special train for tourists.
It wil carry you directly from Sapporo to Furano when high tourist season.
Lavender Express is the name of the train, interesting, right?
You have to pay around ¥2,500 one way, but if you have Japan Railway Pass or JR Pass,
you pay nothing or free.
The main fields as the main attractions in Furano are alight two station from Furano station,
Naka-Furnao station. You can see those famouse Lavender fields. The bright purple colour of Lavender,
small towon, high rising mountain, and the perfect weather!
There’s no reason not to go to Furano.

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